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Refresher driving lessons Southampton to get back behind the wheel. Especially if you haven’t been driving for a while. We are here to help. Our driving instructors will guide you every step of the way and slowly resolve your fears. With our expert and patient tuition, you’ll be back to full confidence in no time! In addition, we offer Pass Plus driving lessons. Be the driver that you used to be. Call 1st Pass Driving School and enrol on one of our refresher driving courses. We serve throughout Southampton.

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Lessons for nervous drivers

Driving is something which can be a nerve-wracking experience but some people seem to breeze through it without a second thought, while others hate getting behind the wheel. Don’t worry, our driving instructors will patiently guide you through every lesson and help build your confidence, so you’re ready to face any driving situation. By the time you are done with our course, your driving skills will improve, you will learn new techniques in driving and you will be confident enough to safely drive on your own.

  • Tailored lessons
  • Nervous driver lessons
  • Mock driving tests
  • New driving techniques
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